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Sonotrodos - Ferramenta de solda vibracional - Máquina de solda vibracional - Máquina de Solda Ultrassom - WTP Ultrasonic


WTP ULTRASONIC manufactures special sonotrodes for different applications, supplying according to the dimensions of each product. The sonotrodes are manufactured in 15, 20, 35, and 40 kHz, and can be made of aluminum or titanium. We also supply complete sets of support cradle and sonotrode for welding small components such as motorcycle flashlights.
The sonotrode gently directs mechanical vibrations to the plastic component based on a uniform vibration pattern.
The proper oscillation behavior of the ultrasound sonotrodes is determined by the FEM (Finite Element Method) calculation means. The highest precision requirements in terms of CAD/CAM calculation algorithms guarantee accurate 3D contours for the production of sonotrodes. 


The sonotrodes are integral parts of all ultrasonic welding de systems. The sonotrodes have the function of transferring the vibratory energy from the transducer to the plastic part, and also applying the necessary pressure to form once the joint has melted.

Despite their rather simple appearance, sonotrodes require the work of highly skilled designers and toolmakers. Because they are calibrated at a specific resonant frequency, the sonotrodes have their dimensions machined to very critical tolerances.


We offer the following application-specific ultrasonic components.

The sonotrode is composed of a metallic bar activating the ultrasonic vibrations, in the direction of its axis. The tool is attached to the tip of the sonotrode. He must have to resist fatigue. Currently, the material used is titanium.

Sonotrodes can have three geometric shapes: exponential, conical, and cylindrical.

Gerador de Ultrassom - WTP Ultrasonic
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