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SonxTOP - MS Ultrasonic - WTP Ultrasonic


Our latest generation of MS sonxTOP ultrasonic servo presses was developed from this innovative spirit. With our specially developed, patented, and innovative preciSer® servo drive, our sonxTOP MS ultrasonic servo presses deliver unparalleled precision for maximum machine productivity. Thanks to a 100% electric drive concept that operates without compressed air, our servo presses are the ideal choice for cleanroom production as well as for manufacturing sites that do not wish to use expensive compressors.
MS ultrasonic servo presses are available in three versions: table, column, and in-line machine. All types in the series have the same drive concept, which allows control concepts and welding recipes to be transferred quickly and easily. The models are complemented by suitable accessories such as soundproof cabinets and work tables to suit your needs.




  • “Made in Germany” all products developed and produced by MS Ultrasonic Technology Group at its headquarters in Germany;

  • Revolutionary MS preciSer® servo drive with power and speed control, developed by MS Ultrasonic Technology Group;

  • Patented MS paralliCer® and MS stabiliZer® technology eliminates any deflection during processes, maintaining full parallelism and contact between the sonotrode and the workpiece;

  • Process and quality monitoring with the specially developed MS application;

  • Unparalleled positioning accuracy;

  • High machine productivity;

  • Maximum repeatability of welding paths and processes;

  • Maximum production flexibility;

  • Compliance with the smallest tolerances;

  • Highest product quality.

  • Maximum ease of use thanks to a clear and intuitive HMI that incorporates color screens and touch screen technology;

  • Intuitive icons and graphics, data presented in clear tables;

  • Additional peripheral devices such as scanners and cameras can be controlled via MS Sequence Setup – no programming knowledge required;

  • The components to be welded are displayed for maximum transparency;

  • Configuration assistance systems.


  • Welding and testing with just one machine;

  • Integrated tensile test from 10 N to 2,500 N;

  • Feed speeds up to 240 mm/s;

  • Binding - as well as documentation - of welding and tensile test parameters;

  • Comprehensive process documentation.


  • Quick, the direct exchange of part holders and resonant units without additional tools reduces downtime;

  • Optional predefined indexing after quick change for perfect, high-quality production, even when changing parts;

  • Choose between automatic control or manual selection of welding recipes;

  • Maintain consistently high weld quality and avoid rejects after component replacement;

  • Crank S without manual machine adjustment = less downtime and quick change from job to job. Just retrieve an established program and start production.



  • Flexible concept based on MS sonxTOP servo welding machines;

  • Continuous welding of non-woven and wool materials for protective masks and protective clothing;

  • Welding of the straps is possible for high wearing comfort;

  • Simple operation via foot pedal and two-handed start;

  • Low costs for you because the basic machine already exists;

  • Conversion with a few simple steps.


Our MS sonxTOP servo presses are available in three versions table top machine, column machine, and in-line machine.

SonxTOP - MS Ultrasonic - WTP Ultrasonic
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