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Cabeças de solda Ultrassom - WTP Ultrasonic


The products in our MS sonxMAC range are flexible, customer-specific, turnkey ultrasonic specialty machines for applications in the automotive, medical technology, and consumer goods industries.
As a manufacturer with locations in all four major automotive markets – Europe, North America, South America, and Asia – WTP MS Ultrasonic Technology Group is not only the right partner for cutting-edge technology, but also efficient logistics and proximity to the client.
Our specialty machines incorporate our extensive experience in ultrasonic welding, along with our general knowledge of the requirements of the automotive industry.



Ultrasonic welding of:

  • Instrument panels;

  • Door panels;

  • Rear spoilers;

  • Finishing elements;

  • Console and trunk finish;



An overview of the benefits of our special ultrasonic machines:

  • Components “Made by MS Ultrasonic Technology”;

  • Solutions based on many years of experience;

  • Industry knowledge: extensive technical knowledge in the automotive sector;

  • More than 3,000 projects completed;

  • Modular design for total flexibility;

  • Punching processes (with mechanical and ultrasonic support) in combination with other processes such as ultrasonic welding, gluing, deep drawing, and engraving.



WTP Ultrasonics special ultrasonic machines incorporate a wide range of processing methods:


  • Ultrasonic drilling;

  • Ultrasonic welding;

  • Ultrasonic riveting;

  • Ultrasonic cutting;

  • Ultrasonic recording;

  • Mechanical processing;

  • Infrared riveting;

  • Thermal contact welding.


Ultrasonic machines are customized and made according to your needs. WTP Ultrasonic special ultrasonic machines have a lot in common: convincing technologies, durable materials, and lots of clever details.


MS sonxMAC ultrasonic special machines can be flexibly integrated into existing plants thanks to three modern handling concepts:


  • Integrated station;

  • Linear robotics;

  • Industrial robotics.

WTP Ultrasonic, geradores de solda por ultrasom by MS Ultrasonic.
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