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WTP Ultrasonic - Máquina de solda por termofusão


Vibration welding is a technology that optimizes productivity in assembly lines. This vibration technology creates cleaner welds with fewer sparks and particles. 

Vibration welding is ideal for joining large parts, complex areas, and objects with multiple planes and curved surfaces. It is used in the automotive, appliance, and other industries to join large components of various shapes.




Vibration welding is generally chosen for applications involving large, complex, or irregularly shaped parts.  It is also a good choice for applications that need a very strong airtight seal and fast cycle times.  


See some examples of applications:

  • Instrument panels;

  • Lanterns;

  • Air ducts;

  • Spoilers;

  • etc.

WTP Ultrasonic - Máquina de solda por termofusão

One of the main benefits is the possibility of having only one vibrational machine
and several soldering tools, one for each product.
In addition, with vibrational welding, you have a clean weld with a high degree of repeatability.

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